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    About iVelp Computers.

    Every businesses’ goal is to offer dynamic customer services. ٭Internet Hot-Spots٭  ٭Advertising Websites٭ ٭Software solutions٭  ٭Intelligent Electronics٭  have found their popularity in the market today.

    Many businesses have embraced these technologies, the remaining are in the process of integration. Technology has endowed businesses with the power of performance.

    It Is in this spirit that, iVelp Computers is endowed to Offering you friendly solutions to tasks which were once strenuous to carry out therefore, speeding up the processing of these tasks, ensuring consistency, accountability, reliability, flexibility and security for money.

    We dont negotiate on the quality of products and services we offer our clients because, we understand that their businesses or organizations operate in a dynamic market.

    We offer services with the best interests of our clients at stake. View Our Projects to see what we have done for others.

    What iVelp Computers Do For You

    • ■ Computer Maintenance
    • ■ Website Designing
    • ■ Website Hosting
    • ■ Web Domains Registration
    • ■ Software Development
    • ■ WIFI Networking
    • ■ HOTSPOT Internet Installation
    • ■ IT Support
    • ■ Graphics Designing & Publication
    • ■ IT Consultancy
    • ■ Virtual Office Design
    • ■ Web – Domain Registration
    • ■ Data Recovery
    • ■ Web – SEO
    • ■ Online Electronic SHOP **NEW**

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  • Responsive Website Design, Hosting & Domains

    We offer different services with regard to web development.

    • ■ Domain Names registration.
    • ■ Domain Renewal.
    • ■ Web designing. [ Both Responsive & Non Responsive. ]
    • ■ Web Hosting & Maintenance.
    • ■ E-COMMERCE


    Our Responsive Design Methodology
    Responsive web-design is taking over web development. Many robust but powerful web programming languages are also on the rise in the global market.

    We encourage the best web and internet programming practices by reviewing and upgrading our techniques endlessly. Go To Page  

  • Design Is Not An Expense – It Is An Investment

    Graphic design is not just the difference between beautiful and boring. It is the difference between customers choosing you and not your competitors.

    A powerful tool for business, graphic design is really not an expense. It is an investment – not only in looking good, but in the success of your business.




    Your image is the only thing potential buyers can connect with. Make sure the impression you are making is the right one.

    1. Improve your image and strengthen your brand
    2. Make your business stand out from your competitors’
    3. Sell your messages to customers more convincingly

    All of the above ultimately means only one thing: BETTER BUSINESS. iVelp Computers will design and print all your publications. Read More Go to Printing Page


    “Computers and devices need to be checked from time after time.”

    Mechanical parts need greasing and dusting without which they will soon wearout and render the total functionality of the devices to waste.


    “Computer vents for instance attract a lot of dust which stick on the fans supposed to cool the system.”

    As this dust sticks on the interior chambers housing the fans, the fans functionality is greatly reduced resulting to insufficient airation.

    Dirt accumulation is also an attraction for rodents and pests which later settle in the compartments, soiling on the sensitive circuits and temper with electrical wires and motors.

    This are among many reasons why you should regularly have the computers and devices checked or serviced. Among the things we could do for you include :

    1. Computer Diagnosis/ Troubleshooting.
    2. Computer Repairs & Installations.
    3. Computers sales, supplies & installations.
    4. O.S downgrade/ Upgrade.
    5. Antivirus systems inclusive of a fully functional Licence.
    6. Computer & peripheral devices – scanners , printers etc drivers
    7. Computer hardware device installations disassembling & assembling.
    8. Memory BOOSTING – Slow Computers.
    9. Hard Disk Slacking.

    The antivirus, drivers and software also needs to be regularly updated. PRESS THE HELP BUTTON BELOW to View & Download
    Our Contract.

    ■ A hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network (WLAN) through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology.

    ■ Hotspots may be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments in many developed urban areas throughout the world.


    ■ The public can use a laptop, Wi-Fi phone, or other suitable portable device to access the wireless connection (usually Wi-Fi) provided.

    ■ Laptop, Tablet, Android devices, Phones and other emerging Wi-Fi devices. Most devices sold per year for the last few years, include the Wi-Fi feature.

    ■ You can use this handy technology in your Car, House , Business, Restaurant, Hotel or Office,  Project or Library etc

    ■ There are many advantages to using WIFI over other systems eg MODEMS especially in areas where data or telephone communication is a problem.


    1. ■ Sharing of internet with many devices is possible as users can connect at will.
    2. ■ Internet becomes mobile, you can use it anywhere within the periphery. The Omni-directional antenna enables flow of WIFI 360 degrees within an area.
    3. ■ The network can be protected by password encryption known only by the stakeholders.
    4. ■ All Network devices can be networked using this system and sharing of files e.g documents and network devices like printers will be possible. All laptops for instance can be able to share a printer from anywhere within the institution without any wire connections as long as the printer is on and files can be shared as well despite their immediate location speeding up file accessibility.
    5. ■ It’s cheap considering how much you pay for internet per month since internet accessibility is shared compared to 3 – 4 modems which are limited to individual computers.
    6. ■ This connection never goes down which means you will never have slow connections which then means that emails are answered in time.



    1. ■ A user with a Wi-Fi capable device will search for any wireless Networks in the area.
    2. ■ Automatically the device will detect the wireless for example purposes (Haven Computer Systems).
    3. ■ Then the user will connect to the network using their respective device.
    4. ■ And here the user will be prompted to provide a security password.
    5. ■ Then they connect and Enjoy Internet connectivity.
    6. ■ If Privacy is required, airing of the SSID can be disabled preventing the network from announcing itself so that only the devices for which this network is intended can connect and use this internet.
  • Virtualization

    Virtualization, in computing, is a term that refers to the various techniques, methods or approaches of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as a virtual hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or network resources.

    A thin client can refer to either a software program or to an actual computer that relies heavily on another computer to do most of its work.

    A thin client is part of a network, and the client software or computer acts as an interface, while the network server computer does all the real work.

    Why Virtualization Is Good For Your Organization

    1. ■  Worldwide access to work files and enterprise applications.
    2. ■  Reduced administration and end user support.
    3. ■  Adding or replacing thin clients is far easier. 
    4. ■  Increased reliability: Longer MTBF. 
    5. ■  Increased security: Less risk of viruses. 
    6. ■  Lessens the risk of data theft. 
    7. ■  Disaster recovery: Data is more secure and easier to backup. 
    8. ■  Lower power consumption: Save on electricity and heat generation.
    9. ■  Smaller footprint: Save on space 

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    Imagine that you are on your computer at work when suddenly all of the lights go out and the computer shuts down. After a few minutes the power is restored.

    You reboot your computer only to find that an error message appears. It tells you that a fatal error occurred, that some important data has disappeared.


    Situations such as this happen all too often but, the good news is that there are key safeguards, one of which is data recovery that can significantly reduce their occurrence. Primary and the most fail-safe method of preparing data recovery are data backups.


    Data backup refers to the copying of computer’s information so that these copies may be restored through data recovery processes after some fatal event. Backups are useful primarily for two purposes: to restore a computer to an operational state following an accident (also called disaster recovery), and to recover information files after they have been deleted or corrupted (file or data recovery).

    1: Human errors – deletion of a file or program by mistake, misplacement of CDs or floppies, errors in administrating databases, attacks from viruses, worms or trojans.

    2: Crimes (intentional acts) including thievery, hacking, industrial espionage.

    3: Natural(random) causes – including power failures, hardware failures, a sudden software crash or freeze, software bugs

    4: Disaster- fire, flood, tornado, earthquake etc.

    “The data which appears to be lost and inaccessible, in real terms is not lost forever. The lost data can be recovered with the help of professional data recovery utilities and services.” 


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