IT Services

iVelp Computers is your Companies Ideal I.T Support Partner. We’ll give Our Competent I.T Support. We are always keen to share our expertise with you. We have innumerable many answers to your many Queries.

Website Designing

Website Designing

We will design a professional WEBSITE for your business or company. Our developments reflect every user’s need. Our expertise has been acknowledged by our customers, in many ways.

We have different web development packages for every business. Our desire is to ensure that big and small businesses alike are able to acquire an online presence.

Design Methodology

Responsive web-design is taking over web development. Many robust but powerful web programming languages are also on the rise in the global market. We encourage the best web and internet programming practices by reviewing and upgrading our techniques endlessly. 

E-Commerse Stores (Get Paid Online With Cheques, VISA, Master Cards, Mpesa Paybill ETC)
Electronic Commerce Websites

Start selling your products and services online. Get paid instantly by your customers. Let your customers sample your products, compare them and make orders right from your website. Allow them to pay online using their VISA, DEBIT, MASTER CARDS, CHEQUES, EFT etc. DIRECT INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. Arrange delivery of the products or services to your customers once you have confirmed the payment.


Designed from the ground up, our shopping cart software solutions help you get more sales than ordinary websites.  iVelp Computers provides advanced tools to enable breakthrough marketing capabilities. See how we incorporate all of the tools your business needs to market and sell online in a single, easy-to-use web-based solution.

With our tools, you can easily:

1. Create a professional looking store with no previous experience
2. Set new records for sales with our automated upsell system
3. Get new customers with search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and comparison shopping sites.
4. Run Promotions & Coupons on your website.
5. Check stock levels, add Products codes among many other excellent features.

Domain Registration

Question: What Is a ‘Domain Name’?

Answer: Domain Name System, or DNS, is the most recognized system for assigning addresses to Internet web servers (aka “Internet hosts”). Somewhat like international phone numbers, the domain name system helps to give every Internet server a memorable and easy-to-spell address. Simultaneously, the domain names keep the really technical IP address invisible for most viewers..

The domain you use for a your web site can have a huge impact in the way that humans and search engine spiders perceive it. Domain names were once so expensive that only those wanting to protect a brand or who could afford them owned them, now they are commonplace and if you know where to look, you could pick up a domain name some, even for free.

Now that they are much easier to obtain, it is hard to take any site that does not have it’s own domain name very seriously. Without a domain name, a company is likely to be passed off as amateurish or seen to want to cut corners to save money. If you have a company site and you still haven’t got a domain name for your website, then you might want to think about getting one!

Website Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is what makes your website view-able to people all over the world. Hosting makes it possible for others to view your website over the Internet – without it; you’re the only one who would ever see your Web pages.

iVelp Computers stores your site on their server, giving it a unique address (DNS). It is through this address that people anywhere in the world can find, open, and interact with your site.

Simply put, when you buy website hosting, you’re buying space on a server. This is not unlike the space on your computer’s hard drive – except that now your files can be opened from anywhere.

Hosting couldn’t be easier, we give you FREE UNDEMANDING MAINTENANCE for your website ALL YEAR ROUND and plenty of APPLICATIONS. We also do FREE PRELIMINARY ADVERTISING for you by listing your WEBSITE in our work portfolio among other things. . .



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